Photo Story  


Each photo has its own and true story. 
Here are some photos, and their own story…

Dreaming of a Better Life, Shenzhen

I was with my Hong Kong friend Alfred in a crowded square in Shenzhen, trying in vain to capture a moment of life in the crowd all around me. Suddenly, a "shooting window" opened for a small but crucial second...

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Right Equality Demonstrations, Paris

During 2013, France experienced a wave of fairly violent demonstrations, both in deeds and in words, on the occasion of the bill, initiated by French President Hollande, authorizing same-sex couples to marry...

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Austin Road, Hong Kong

Being a little lazy sometimes leads to regrets...
I had left my Canon EOS 5D at home that day and only had my iPhone 6s with me as I toured around the neighborhood I had just moved to in Jordan, Kowloon, Hong Kong ...

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Were we brothers? Paris

I was about to photograph the old man on the right, from the window of my apartment in the 19th arrondissement of Paris, when, at the moment of triggering, the second man appeared in my field. The similarities between...

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Little Buddha, Chengdu

I was at a temple in Chengdu when my attention was caught by this kid beating on a drum.
It was obvious to me that I had to take a picture of the scene.
But as often, the time to press the shutter, the context had...

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"The Same Moon" Hong Kong

It was one of those many times when I was about to leave HK before coming back. Leaving HK at that time was a double pain for me. Not only was I leaving the place that I dare call "home", with still uncertainty about my return...

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