National Day in Paris

I was out on French National Day in Paris. I made some photos, of course ;-)

Here's one I particularly like. Hope you'll like it too.


New Fashion album: Jivi

Just set online Jivi's photos, made at several times/locations.

Check it in the "Men Fashion" section.



Currently in Normandy. A good opportunity to take some new photos :-)

EGS Fashion Photography

I took advantage of this weekend to start feeding the "WOMEN Fashion" and "MEN Fashion" albums.You will find them in the "FASHION Works" sub-menu of the...

Fashion? Models?

I've been asked recently about my Fashion & Models photos and albums that could be found on my previous website.

Well, I know some of us are more...

Colorful Hong Kong

If like me you love Hong Kong, its colors, its atmosphere, its adorable people, its neon nights, you will surely like the photos online in the dedicated...

Photos Sales

I appreciate when my clients send me photos of my pictures that they have framed and hung on their walls.

Thanks to Bertrand E., from Strasbourg.



Grand Opening! is dead...

Long Live WWW.EGSPHOTOGRAPHY.COM ! Unfortunately, due to the lack of new features expected for two years, I had to...


I'm happy to have my new website very soon online!

Thanks to for the good job ;-)